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Short-Term PPO Plans ... competitive & proven

Between jobs?

Just graduated?

Waiting for permanent coverage?



Here's the coverage you need ...

Short-Term Medical Coverage provides a minimum of 30 days to a max of 185 days of medical coverage, designed to meet your health plan needs while you are between coverage.


You decide the length of coverage of your Short-Term PPO Plan.  After your plan expires, you may complete a new application and reapply for a second Short-Term PPO Plan period.

After you have had 2 elections of a Short-Term PPO Plan with less than a six month lapse in between, you must wait 6 months before you reapply for more short-term coverage,

or else apply for a long-term plan.


What the Plan Covers:


   · Emergency Care

   · Ambulance ($1,000 benefit maximum)

   · Hospitalization services

   · Outpatient services

   · Access to any doctor you want (but you'll save money "in netwrok")

   · Professional services including x-ray, lab and office visits

   · Prescription drugs

   · Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage up to $50,000

   · 24-hour medical information and resources through MedCall

   · $3,000,000 per person maximum lifetime benefit for medical

Here's why you'll want to put us at the top of your A list:


   · Begin or end coverage on any day of the month

   · Pricing is based on a low per member per day rate

   · Access to one of California's largest provider networks

   · Some of the strongest provider discounts in the state

   · Deductible waived for annual health screening via HealthyCheck

   · Deductible waived for emergency treatment of accidental injuries

   · Simple plan designs with 20% coinsurance in-network ... regardless of deductible

   · Prescription drug coverage with no brand deductible

   · Physical Therapy, occupational therapy and chriopractic treatment covered
    after deductible ... up to $1000 per member

   · Generous $3 million lifetime maximum benefit

   · Electronic checks, paper checks and credit cards accepted

   · Deductibles from $250 - $2,000

   · No claim forms are needed with network providers


Eligibility and Enrollment:


   · You can pay by credit card and submit applications by fax or online

   · If approved, coverage begins at 12:01am on the date following the postmark date

    on the envelope or day after the application is received via fax or online.

   · You must be a permanent legal resident of California

      and, a United States resident for at least 3 months 

   · Applicants must be between the age of 15 days to 64 years old

   · Applicant's spouse , age 64 or younger

   · Applicant's child(ren), or child(ren) of applicant's enrolling spouse, under 19 years old

   · Applicant's unmarried dependent child(ren) between the ages of 19 to 22

    ("dependent" as defined by the Internal Revenue Service)



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