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Introducing the Next Generation Homeowners

                 California Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners Insurance Wildfire Videos from the 2007 San Diego Fires frontlineNo matter who you currently have your homeowners insurance, townhouse insurance, condo insurance or renters insurance with,

you need  to call me right now.


I have been slashing homeowners insurance rates in California by as much as 50%


Do you want to start saving Serious Money$ on your homeowner’s insurance policy? Do you want a Top-Rated, High-Quality California Insurance Company

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The Next Generation Homeowners policy is the first of its kind.

I can offer you much more customization specific to your needs and situations.  You can stop paying for things that don't apply to you,

  and make sure your special situations and needs are covered!

Call me to find out more.



... EASY Low Down Payment & Monthly Premium Payments? 


 5%  Occupational Affinity DISCOUNT for the following insureds who are members of an "eligible" professional group and meet other specified criteria.

  • Architects 

  • Attorneys

  • Comm'l Policy Holders

  • Computer Degrees

  • CPAs

  • Doctors

  • Dentists

  • Engineers

  • Firefighters

  • Law Enforcement Police Officers

  • Librarians

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Nurses

  • Marriage & Family Therapists

  • Physical Therapists

  • Pilots/Aviators

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Scientists

  • Speech Therapists

  • Teachers

  • Veterinarians

  • upto

    10%   Non-Smoking DISCOUNT

    10%   Automatic Gas-Meter Shutoff Valve DISCOUNT

    47%   New-Home DISCOUNT (for up to a maximum of 9 years)

      5%   Plumbing Renovation DISCOUNT (for up to a maximum of 9 years)

    20%   Electrical and Heating Renovation DISCOUNT (for up to a maximum of 9 years)

    15%   Auto/Home package DISCOUNT

      5%   Life/Home package DISCOUNT

      6%   Central-Monitored Burglar/Fire Alarm DISCOUNT

      5%   Fire Sprinkler System DISCOUNT

    10%   Interior Inspection DISCOUNT

    3-8%  For Turning 50 Years Old (Discount increases as you get older)

    Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and homeowners insurance policy types. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary.


    The Next Generation Homeowners Insurance Policy includes coverage for your Home & Personal Property

       ... for damages from perils such as:

    • fire (including wildfires) and smoke

    • tornado or windstorm

    • hail and lightning

    • explosion

    • water damage

    • glass breakage and vandalism

    • falling objects, collapse and aircraft

    • law suit

    Broad Protection & Benefits 

    Excellent insurance benefits within one package without the policy restrictions and insurance exclusions that other insurance companies place on you. Your house, personal property and separate structures are covered for many of the everyday insurance risks that you face as a homeowner in protecting your house, property and assets.  Here are just some of the special Next Generation homeowners insurance policy features that offer you savings and peace of mind:

    • 150% Extended Dwelling Replacement option, 125% standard
      In the event of a catastrophy, we can have you covered for not only
      100% of the value of your home, but for an additional 50%, for reconstruction.

    • 25% & 50% Building Code/Ordinance Upgrade coverage option,
      10% included standard
      If your property is damaged in an amount greater than 50 percent of the
      structure´s total value, your city or town may require that you bring the entire
      structure into compliance with current building codes to legally make repairs.
      Meeting California's and local community code standards can result in significant
      additional costs.

    • Cost of Debris Removal is included

    • Loss Of Use/Additional Living Expense for up to 24 Months
      If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, we pay for
      those extra costs of temporary housing, eating expenses, storage facility
      rental, pet kennel expenses, etc. up to the applicable limit.

    • Replacement Cost coverage of Personal Property is included standard

    • Broad Theft Protection of your belongings even when away from home

    • $30,000 Identity Theft coverage is included standard
      To restore your credit after an identity theft can be
      emotionally taxing, lengthy and expensive. Included is:
          $28,500 for attorney fees, loan reapplication fees, credit report fees, and lost wages
          $  1,500 Credit Card Indemnity

    • Optional Lifestyle Coverage Endorsements
       Specified Business Pursuits Coverage on Residence Premises (Office, Private School or Studio)
       Specified Business Pursuits Off Residence Premises
       Business Pursuits Liability
       Home Child Care Services endorsements
       Scheduled Personal Articles coverage (jewelry, furs, fine arts or silverware/goldware, guns)
       Watercraft and Personal Watercraft/Jetski Liability
       HOA Loss Assessment
       Personal Injury (see below)
       Child Care
       Inservant / Outservant Workers Comp
       Incidental Farm and Ranch Owners Coverage (Equipment & Building)

    • more

    Homeowner's Personal Liability coverage

    Covers you when you are legally responsible for damage to someone else's property or for someone else's bodily injuries.  Homeowners Liability insurance covers you, for example, if someone slips and falls on your property or if your dog bites someone.  But, personal liability coverage is not limited to just the mishaps that occur on your property ... this coverage travels with you and your family while on vacation, at school, at the gym, or even on the ski slopes.  Coverage limits are available all the way up to $1 million.  For limits beyond $1 million, read about the 'Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy'.

    • Liability Legal Defense is included Over and Above your coverage limit
    • No Dog Restrictions if your dog has not bitten and never been sued

    Personal Injury coverage (optional)

    Coverage for when you are legally obligated to pay damages for personal injury, such as libel, slander and defamation of character.

    Personal Umbrella Policy Supplement

    Today, when multimillion-dollar lawsuits are common, your homeowners policy may provide substantial liability limits, but it still may not be enough.  A Personal Liability Umbrella policy supplements your present policies and provides coverage in additional $1 million increments.  Go here to learn more about the Personal Liability Umbrella policy.


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    Farmers Insurance is the second largest homeowners insurance company in CaliforniaThe Next Generation Homeowners Insurance Policy / Fire Insurance Policy from Farmers Insurance Group includes coverage for your Home & Personal Property ... for damages from perils such as fire (includes wildfires) and smoke, tornado or windstorm, hail and lightning, explosion, water damage, glass breakage and vandalism, falling objects, collapse and aircraft.


    As the premier local insurance agent in San Ramon, California, Barth Howard provides homeowners with affordable homeowner's insurance, affordable townhouse insurance, affordable condominium insurance, affordable renters insurance, affordable house insurance, affordable fire insurance, and other forms of dwelling insurance. We have years experience, so give us a call today for all your insurance needs.


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