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Videos from the Southern California Wildfires Frontline

Farmers Mobile Claims Center at San Diego Wildfires


As wildfires devastate Southern California, see how the Farmers Insurance team responds to the challenge of the wildfire relief effort. Farmers is the second largest homeowners insurer in California. Watch the following wildfire videos of the relief effort.


 click here  For VIDEO coverage of the relief effort at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium
 click here  For VIDEO coverage of Farmers' response to the Santa Clarita fires

 click here  For TELEVISION SPOT called "All the Heroes" ... a tribute. 

 click here  For information about the Farmers Next Generation Homeowners Policy 


CNBC network news program The Call. Interviewed California State Executive Director Kirk Tweedy:  Jane Wells reporting: The industry could face an estimated billion dollars in damages. That would match the fires of 2003. But they're doing more than handing out money.
Tweedy: We brought in a satellite system so that we can issue checks here, look up coverages; handle whatever our customers need. We're able to do that. I mean, a lot of people don't have a contact point because their phone lines are down or they left their cell phone. And so we've just been offering that service here for - for the community, really, in general.


KCRW-FM in Los Angeles interviewed Director of Media Relations Jerry Davies at Qualcomm Stadium for a story about restoring customers' lives:

Chery Glaser, news anchor: As NPR reported, losses from the fires are estimated to already have topped $1 billion in San Diego County alone. And that number is expected to go a whole lot higher as other areas add up the cost to rebuild. Jerry Davies is a spokesman for Farmers Insurance. He's in San Diego right now, helping customers affected by the blaze. Davies says the first order of business is to get people into temporary housing and help them get toiletries and other necessary supplies then start dealing with claims. He says the need is overwhelming.

Davies: We have a big, mobile claims bus here that can handle up to 70 claims at a time. All of our adjusters are working. They've been working around the clock, over 300 of them here in the San Diego area, handling finding our customers who are in Qualcomm. Our bus is right here in front of Qualcomm at A-1 parking lot. And it's been just continuous, people coming in to see us to help with their claims.


An excerpt from an article in The Family Security Foundation, Inc. published Oct. 26:

The elected Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, immediately mobilized insurance companies and state resources to ensure that the needs of the insured and uninsured alike were met. Insurance companies, most especially Farmers Insurance, set up "check writing facilities" and contacted the news media to let their customers know that they were there and ready to write checks for the costs of evacuation and for initial claims for damage, lodging and meals.



Farmers Insurance Group of Companies has expanded its mobile claims centers, adding 11 new centers for customers to file on-the-spot claims. These mobile claims centers are located throughout
Southern California.

In San Diego, (for the San Diego wildfires) customers can receive help at 7 different locations:
-- Mira Mesa High School, 10510 Regan Road, San Diego, CA
-- San Marco High School, 1615 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Diego, CA
-- Mission High School, San Diego, CA
-- Escondido High School, San Diego, CA
-- Carlsbad High School, San Diego, CA
-- Del Mar Fairgrounds
-- As of Oct.26,2007, Farmers' Mobile Claims Center Bus is stationed at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.


The Farmers Mobile Catastrophe Claims Center Bus is a rolling customer support center equipped with top-of-the-line technology for immediate fire claims handling and outfitted with comforts of home such as a grill for on-the-spot meals. Farmers customers can stop by the Mobile Claims Bus anytime.

Other locations of Farmers mobile claims centers include:
-- NOS Events Center, 689 South E Street, San Bernadino, CA
-- Albertsons Shopping Center, 23840 Copper Hill Dr., Santa Clarita, CA
-- Simi Service Center, 3041 Cochran Street, Simi Valley, CA
-- Valley Center High School, Valley Center
-- Chula Vista High School, Chula Vista, CA

Farmers has more than 260 claims adjusters in Southern California to assist victims of the fires.

Farmers advises its customers affected by any one of the 12 So Cal Wildfires from San Diego to Los Angeles and anywhere else these fire spread, to immediately contact Farmers' 24 hour claims hotline,
800-HelpPoint (1-800-435-7764) for immediate assistance.


As of Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Farmers has received more than 1,000 claims resulting from the fires and winds in a 100,000 acres area ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Farmers is the second largest homeowners insurer in California.  The Next Generation Homeowners / Fire Insurance Policy from Farmers Insurance Group includes coverage for your Home & Personal Property ... for damages from perils such as fire (includes wildfires) and smoke, tornado or windstorm, hail and lightning, explosion, water damage, glass breakage and vandalism, falling objects, collapse and aircraft.


 click here For more about upgrading NOW to the Farmers Next Generation Policy



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