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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


Right or wrong, employment claims are costly, some 85 percent of all employment practices cases are settled, usually for undisclosed amounts.


Nearly 80,000 employment practices claims were filed with the EEOC in 1999; monetary damages in these cases topped $200 million – compared to $169 million in 1998. The most common charges filed with the EEOC in 1999 were ...

  • racial discrimination (37.3%),

  • sex discrimination (30.9%),

  • retaliation (25.4%),

  • disability discrimination (22.4%),

  • age discrimination (18.3%).


Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


Why should a Business purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance?


A private company is more likely to have an Employment Practices claim

than a Liability or Property claim.


75% of all litigation against corporations involves employment disputes.


65% of employers who have fired an employee have been hit with a lawsuit


The average cost to defend an Employment Practices claim is $150,000 and the award is $250,000


Over 40% of Employment Practices claims are brought against companies with 100 employees


This product offers the following broad coverage features:

bullet Risk Management Services – Free Unlimited Employment Practices Consultation Helpline
bullet Duty to Defend Wording
bullet Defense Outside the Limit of Liability
bullet Covered acts include but are not limited to Harassment, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Failure to Promote and Negligent Supervision
bullet Full Prior Acts Coverage is available for acts occurring prior to the policy inception that turn into claims within the scope of coverage and are reported during the policy period
bullet Punitive Damages Coverage is available
bullet Third Party Coverage is available for Discrimination and Sexual Harassment by a insured against any non-insureds including but not limited to vendors, clients and customers



Medical Providers EPLI


Does your Physician Liability policy cover employment-related issues? 
Did you know...


A small employer is more likely to have an Employment Practices claim

than a General Liability of Property claim?


10% of all wrongful termination and discrimination claim awards exceed $1 million?


Three out of five companies are sued by former employees every year?


65% of employers who have fired an employee have been hit with a lawsuit?


50% of employers have faxed a sexual harassment claim at some point?


Other Important Coverage Automatically Included:


Third Party Discrimination Coverage – An employer can be liable for discrimination by its employees toward a non-employee (third party) even when the employer’s acts were not themselves discriminatory. 


Defense Cost Coverage for Sexual Misconduct – Sexual Misconduct occurs in 3-10% of the physician population based upon reported incidents, according to a Vanderbilt University study, crossing all specialties with disciplinary action ranging up to revocation of license.  This product provides coverage for Sexual Impropriety, Sexual Transgression and Sexual Violation.

Broad Coverage Includes:

bullet Unlimited Defense Outside the Limit of Liability for Employment Practices and Third Party Discrimination. The limit will not be eroded by defense costs.
bullet Optional Coverage for Employed Doctors available
bullet Full Prior Acts coverage available
bullet Duty to Defend Form

Free Employment Practices Consultation Helpline ( Unlimited calls and no time limits)


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