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Earthquake Insurance 



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Do I need earthquake coverage?

Only you can decide if earthquake insurance is right for you.  Ask yourself if you’re willing to risk the investment you’ve made in your home.  Earthquakes in California are inevitable. 



  • 20 earthquakes are recorded by the United States Geological Survey
    on a typical day in California.
  • 20 seconds is all it took the Northridge Earthquake to cause the
    largest dollar amount loss of any earthquake in California history.
  • Less than 20 percent of Californians carry earthquake insurance.
  • There are 200 known active faults in the state of California.


Why would I need earthquake insurance?


Damage or loss to your residence as a result of an earthquake is not covered under your Homeowners policy. So you may wish to purchase Earthquake insurance to protect your home and belongings from loss resulting from an earthquake.


In 1996, the California Legislature created the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) —

a privately funded, publicly managed insurer to offer basic earthquake coverage for homeowners, tenants/renters, mobilehome and condominium unit owners.


In addition to providing rebuilding benefits for major structural damage to your insured residence, a CEA policy provides specified living expenses and limited replacement dollars for earthquake-damaged personal belongings.


Where can I purchase a CEA policy?


As a participating Farmers Insurance agent, I offer these CEA policies to anyone in California. 

Call me now at (925) 699-4200 for more information.


CEA rates


Rates will vary according to the age, location and construction of your residential property.

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Important facts


You must have your Homeowners Condominium unit or Tenant/Renters insurance with a CEA participating company, like Farmers Insurance, to qualify to purchase earthquake insurance through the CEA.
The earthquake coverage amount for your residence structure must be the same as you have on your Homeowners policy. The CEA policy pays for repair or replacement of the dwelling, but not for damage to pools, spas, patios, fences and detached garages.
The CEA policy provides some coverage for living expenses/loss of use while your uninhabitable home is under repair.  Replacement of damaged personal belongings is applicable after deductibles are met.  Increased personal belongings and loss of use coverage limits are available for an additional premium.


The basic Homeowners policy deductible amount is 15 percent of the residence structure.

A 10 percent deductible is available for an additional premium.


The Tenant/Renters and Condominium unit policy deductible is $750.


Special Limitations / Coverage Limits for Common Interest Developments


In this section, condominiums, townhouses and other common interest developments are collectively referred to as “condominiums”.  As an owner, you can build real estate equity without the burdens of yard care, exterior maintenance and other responsibilities that owners of single-family dwellings face and most condominium associations maintain the exterior of your property and other structural components. However, association insurance policies usually do not cover loss or damage to your personal property or interior fixtures which are caused by an earthquake (such as attached cabinets, built-in appliances and wall-to-wall carpeting).  Before you purchase earthquake insurance for your condominium, you should confirm which structural components are your responsibility to repair and maintain. It’s also important to know whether your association has purchased a master earthquake insurance policy. You can do this by reading the association’s bylaws. Once you know your legal responsibilities and how much earthquake coverage the association provides, you can decide if earthquake insurance from the California Earthquake Authority is right for you.


Condominium Coverage A: Building Property

Building Property coverage provides up to $25,000 for repair or replacement of interior structural components when damage exceeds the policy’s $3,750 (15 percent) deductible.
Property covered includes built-in appliances, fixtures, some improvements, wall-to-wall carpeting, and some plumbing and heating equipment, as well as other items. In addition to the $25,000 Building Property coverage limits, the Building Property coverage provides an
additional $10,000 in coverage for the cost of building code upgrades. A partial list of items not covered includes land, detached garages, awnings, patio coverings, antennas, satellite dishes, decorative or artistic features, fences and landscaping. There are other exclusions. You must read the entire policy carefully to become familiar with what is and what is not covered.


Condominium Coverage C: Personal Property
You may choose to purchase a base limit of $5,000 in coverage to repair or replace personal property such as furniture and household items, or you may increase your personal property coverage up to as much as $100,000. The deductible is a modest $750, no matter what limit of
Personal Property coverage you select. Most types of personal property found in the typical home are covered, including such common items as furniture, TVs, audio and video equipment, household appliances, bedding and clothing. A partial list of items not covered under the
policy includes animals, vehicles (such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, aircraft and watercraft), artwork, glassware, crystal, china and porcelain, spas, and hot tubs. There are other exclusions. You must read the entire policy carefully to become familiar with what is and what is not covered.

Condominium Coverage D: Loss of Use
Loss of Use coverage will pay for additional living expenses, up to the coverage limit, if you are unable to live in your home due to earthquake damage. There is no deductible on Loss of Use coverage.


Condominium Coverage E: Loss Assessment
In condominium communities, the exterior of buildings, certain building components and common areas are typically owned by all of the condominium owners as a group. In the event of earthquake damage to such property, the association may, in accordance with its bylaws, impose an assessment against all members of the association to pay for exterior or structural repairs. This coverage is unique to condominium owners, in that if damage from an earthquake occurs and the losses are not fully covered by the association’s master insurance policy, Loss Assessment coverage will help you pay for your share of certain assessments the association may impose on all property owners in your condominium development. You may purchase a loss assessment coverage limit of $50,000 ($7,500 deductible) for any condominium. If the fair market value of your condominium is less than $135,000 you may choose to select a $25,000 coverage limit ($3,750 deductible) instead. A partial list of assessments not covered are those made to pay for the repair of nonresidential structures, awnings, patio coverings, pools, spas, club houses, artistic features, or separate parking structures. There are other exclusions. You must read the entire policy carefully to become familiar with what is and what is not covered.


What role can I expect state or federal government disaster relief agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to play in helping me pay for earthquake
damage to my home?

Federal disaster aid comes in the form of loans and grants. It is important to know that if you qualify for federal disaster loans, they must be repaid. If you don’t qualify for a loan, you might be eligible to receive a federal disaster grant, which averages less than $15,000.


How do I file a claim?

For your safety, and to determine the amount of your loss after an earthquake, it is important that your home, townhouse or condominium be examined as quickly as possible. In the event of a potential claim, contact us immediately to begin the inspection and claim process.



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